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Quality of Life Reports

These reports contain information in support of priority problems as recommended by the Florida Substance Abuse Response Guide (SARG). The reports will be arranged by the data categories: Consequences, Consumption, Contributing, and Capacity. A full description of each of these categories is explained on the RDMC Mission page. Click here to view.

1. Consequences

a. Academic Performance

1a.001 Students Absent 21+ Days

1a.002 Students Suspended

1a.003 School Graduation and Dropout Rates

1a.004 School ACT and SAT Test Results

b. Crime and Misdemeanors

1b.001 School Crime and Violence

1b.002 Juvenile Arrests

1b.003 Total Arrests and Substance Abuse

c. Economic Impacts

1c.001 Economic Impacts of Underage Drinking

d. Health, Morbidity, and Mortality

1d.001 Youth Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

1d.002 TMH Emergency Room Admissions

1d.003 Teenage Pregnancy and Teen Births

e. Transportation/ Vehicular and Mobility

1e.001 Drinking and Driving

1e.002 Youth and Motor Vehicle Crashes