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Tallahassee/Leon RDMC strives to build a stronger coalition working with others to improve the health and well-being of individuals in Leon County. Our goal is to fulfill the 12 sector requirement with partners whose interests are preventing substance abuse. These partners contribute much time, resources, and expertise as the advisory council for the coalition. Their contributions enable the Tallahassee/Leon Responsible Decision Making Coalition to further the vision and mission of the organization.

Mission & Vision

To reduce underage drinking, binge drinking, smoking and all other forms of substance abuse among the youth and college students in Leon County thereby lowering the human costs and the financial costs associated with addiction and abuse.
Vision/End State:
A healthy, committed community united behind a long term strategy to reduce substance abuse with the lowest youth and college student substance abuse rates in Florida.

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Leon Collegiate Success Initiative Project

RDMC administered a project initiative to work with Florida State University, Florida A & M University, and Tallahassee Community College to reduce alcohol abuse among underage college students. See the details of the project and view the reports!

    Leon CSI Project

A new resource is now available. Check out the Foundation for a Drug Free World Website.