Leon Responsible Decision Making Council  Leon county

    Responsible Decision Making Coalition


The mission of the RDMC is to reduce underage drinking, binge drinking, smoking and all other forms of substance abuse among the youth and college students in Leon County thereby lowering the human costs and the financial costs associated with addiction and abuse.

Vision/End State

A healthy, committed community united behind a long term strategy to reduce substance abuse with the lowest youth and college student substance abuse rates in Florida.


The Tallahassee-Leon County Responsible Decision Making Coalition (RDMC) utilizes epidemiological and other data to determine priority problems as recommended by the Florida Substance Abuse Response Guide (SARG). The SARG Manual Phase I, Appendix B, contains recommendations of potential community data partners and data sources. Data is organized into four categories, as noted below:


evidence of the problem

CONSEQUENCES are defined as the ultimate outcome – lack of school success, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol-related accidents (crashes), teen pregnancy, violence, etc.

SARG Data Category: 2. CONSUMPTION

behavior that is related to the problem

CONSUMPTION is the behavior that is the precursor to consequences including acute, heavy consumption and consumption in risky situations and among high risk groups.